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Must Slim Sport 90 tabliet

Since there are so many fat burners on the market, why should MUST SLIM SPORT be any different? Many of us get confused about which product to choose, especially now that so many ineffective formulas are being released.


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Since there are so many fat burners on the market, why should MUST SLIM SPORT be any different? Many of us get confused about which product to choose, especially now that so many ineffective formulas are being released. In fact, one may even doubt if any supplementation makes sense at all. We live in a time when marketing is key, being additionally supported by the presence so-called influencers, people who play the role of judges, telling their followers what is good and what is not, where “good” always stands for the product they get paid to give a favorable opinion of. The public is additionally fooled by scripted testimonies of people who have supposedly used a given product or by “miraculous transformations” achieved in a short period of time. No wonder then that you get discouraged, expecting instant results in your war with body fat.

​Is there a solution then? Obviously. Just stick to the basics, use ingredients that are not based on marketing claims, but on clinical studies and actual performance, and use optimal dosages of such ingredients. It is a common strategy for brands to list many ingredients, whereas their products contain only trace amounts of them, which will not work. Another trick is to stuff a tablet or capsule with an exceedingly large amount of caffeine to give an impression of a “kick-in”. Some buyers might not realize that by using high dosages of caffeine, which are not even revealed on the label, a downward opposite result may be achieved, e.g. rebounding fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, addiction, muscle breakdown with a risk of rhabdomyolysis, digestive problems, increased urination with incontinence, as well as high blood pressure or rapid heart rate, which could lead to serious health issues. Therefore, we would like to advise you to be careful when choosing supplements. There are no miraculous pills, no shortcuts to reach your weight loss goals. A proper diet, well-planned exercise program and reasonable supplementation integrated with your entire lifestyle, not only for short periods, contribute to overall long-term fitness without the common yo-yo effect many of us have experienced.

​MUST SLIM SPORT is the most complete and optimal fat burner on the market, whose ingredients have been clinically proven to be beneficial. An additional advantage of such stimulation-free or low-stimulation products is that they can be included in your diet permanently while high-caffeine-based products need to be cycled in and out.

By transporting fatty acids into cell mitochondria L-carnitine, a conditionally essential nutrient for vegans, burns fat for usable energy. Bitter orange stimulates fat breakdown and suppresses appetite by increasing basal metabolic rate, which means more calories are burned at rest. Green coffee, enriched with chlorogenic acid, induces a reduction in body fat through reducing glucose absorption (increases consumption of fat reserves). Green tea supports weight loss mainly through the thermogenic mechanism. HCA promotes fat burn by suppressing fatty acid synthesis, increasing lipid oxidation, and reducing food intake. L-tyrosine helps in mental performance by increasing some brain chemicals that affect your mood and stress response. Guarana, a very light stimulant, has a rather small impact on boosting metabolism, but has good antioxidant properties and, along with green tea and yerba mate, is known to neutralize harmful free radicals. All three of them may help reduce mental fatigue too. In addition to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, yerba mate may boost the immune system and help lower blood sugar levels. Cayenne pepper, also a very light “heat producer”, is able to reduce hunger by allowing you to eat less, but feel fuller for an extended period of time. Black pepper is known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and disease-fighting qualities.

​MUST SLIM SPORT does not focus on strong stimulants or diuretics, which are popular, but often give a false impression of fat burning, cause many side effects and eventually make your body develop tolerance to them. Instead, MUST SLIM SPORT provides the most effective ingredients in the most effective dosages, supporting you from the physical and mental side to win the battle with unwanted fat in a safe and healthy way. MUST SLIM SPORT is able to do so by suppressing appetite, stimulating glucose absorption and lipid oxidation, moderately boosting metabolism, turning fat into a source of energy, and causing an overall health boost. If you are on a diet, MUST SLIM SPORT is the supplement you simply MUST have.

Množství v balení: 108 g / 90 tablet • 30 dávek

Obsah v: 1 tabletě ve 3 tabletách
L-karnitin 167mg 500mg
extrakt z hořkého pomeranče (6% synefrin) 100mg 300mg
extrakt ze zelené kávy (10% ACG) 83mg 250mg
extrakt ze zeleného čaje (55% EGCG) 83mg 250mg
extrakt Garcinia cambogia (60% HCA) 83mg 250mg
L-tyrosin 83mg 250mg
extrakt z guarany (20%) 17mg 50mg
Yerba mate 17mg 50mg
kajenský pepř (Capsicum frutescens) 17mg 50mg
extrakt z černého pepře (Piper nigrum) – Bioperine® (95% piperin) 1,7mg 5mg

L-karnitin, extrakt z hořkého pomeranče (6% synefrin), extrakt ze zelené kávy (10% ACG), extrakt ze zeleného čaje (55% EGCG), extrakt Garcinia cambogia (60% HCA), L-tyrosin, extrakt z guarany (20%) , yerba mate, kajenský pepř (Capsicum frutescens), extrakt z černého pepře (Piper nigrum) – Bioperine® (95% piperin), plnivo: mikrokrystalická celulóza, sodná sůl karboxymethyl škrobu; protispékavé látky: stearát hořečnatý, oxid křemičtý

Doporučené dávkování:
Užívejte 3 tablety jednou denně 30 minut před snídaní nebo 30 minut před tréninkem.

Neužívejte, pokud jste alergičtí na některou z látek přípravku. Nepřekračujte doporučenou denní dávku. Potravinové doplňky by neměly být používány jako náhrada pestré a vyvážené stravy. Doporučuje se pestrá a vyvážená strava a zdravý životní styl. Neužívejte při těhotenství nebo kojení. Uchovávejte mimo dosah malých dětí. Skladujte na suchém a chladném místě. Chraňte před přímým slunečním zářením.


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